Read: Actress Awinja, Schools Men On How To Avoid Being Broke

Jacky Vike aka Papa Shirandula’s Awinja has risen from the bottom to the top. This is due to her acting talent that has seen her win many fans over the years.

Despite her successful career, Jacky Vike also works as a radio presenter to ensure she never gets broke. Well, being a woman the lady must always ensure to have a plan B just incase things don’t work out in her career.

In a new post shared by the lady, Awinja schools men on the importance of saving, dining with men with visions among other things that will help them avoid borrowing money or being laughed at by their age mates. She wrote saying;

1. Leave Naked Women Alone

“Yes, those women who dress like they are in the process of undressing but they have not finished. Leave them alone. Most of them are up to no good and will only cost you a whole fortune in one weekend. Instead, get yourself a real woman:-There is strength in a real woman.. Not these tu machicks without brains (brainless women). Get a woman who will not only support your vision but will also push you to achieve more. A woman who will inspire you to work hard and not a woman who just makes you hard. He who finds a real woman finds a good thing and obtains favour and power to create wealth”.

2. Stop Taking Cheap Food

“I have no problem with you having your tea or food over the social interaction and networking. However, when you drink cheap tea or drink in cheap places, you hang out with cheap people who have cheap ideas and a cheap future. Big business opportunities are found in places where the drinks and food are expensive. In fact, in places where they sell cheap tea, the only people you will find there are people who will be asking you for money. They even clap when you come knowing ‘big buyer’ has come… Lol”.

3. Stop being Lazy

“Man ooh Man, why art thou Lazy?” You are too lazy for your own good. You sleep the whole day and blame the government for your poverty. “A little Sleep, a little slumber, poverty shall overtake you like a political cadre in overalls”. A lot of men are just lazy when it comes to making money. They have enough energy to give a woman five big Os, but have no energy to start one organization, hmmm that’s why it is so easy for men to manufacture children than it is to make even pegs for putting children’s clothes on the line..”

4. Know Productive Things

“If you keep too much junk in your head, you get a junk life. I know a lot of men who are so sharp when you are talking about girls, about soccer and about street politics, Who is rich and who is not, who has a good house but you can’t bring a topic about investment, innovation and business. They start looking at their phone, busy on social media doing nonsense and busy informing other idlers about his whereabouts, yawning or saying bye. Useless things, videos and memes go viral fast than constructive things. A man must know how to do at least one productive thing (have one skill) even without having gone to school/college.”


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