READ: Jeff Koinange Shares Unexpected Confession About His Real Finances

Jeff Koinange has the gift of the gab, his famous drawl drawing him many fans. He has had prestigious jobs working for CNN, KTN, K24 and now Citizen television.

But with all those well-paying jobs the man has also gone through rough patches. Which may shock many because most Kenyans cannot fathom the amount of money the money is rumoured to have earned in his career.

His latest gig at Citizen is rumoured to pay him close to 2 million shillings. 2 million shillings!!! But with all that money he is rumoured to have made in his high-profile jobs he says he has been broke! He spoke to the Nairobian and said:

“I go broke, just like the next person. But because I was born into a family name like this, ‘Koinange,’ they say, Oh you people have a street named after you, your people were in government for the last 50 years.”

Jeff said that his father died two months after he was born leaving his mother a widow with three other children to care of.

“My father died the day I turned two months old, leaving a 28 year old widow to care for four kids on her own, and she did don’t just imagine things.”
Jeff and Jalas

Jeff was recently the talk of the town after his Breakfast show co-host and comedian Jalang’o disclosed that he bought him a 1.3 Million shillings Audemars Piguet watch as a gift while he was away on holiday with his family in Austria.


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