Read The Statement From Meru University Student Chairman to Fellow Comrades

Yesterday, Evans Njoroge, who was student council Secretary General of Meru University, was killed at around 1pm on Tuesday afternoon during demonstrations by the school against matters including school fee hikes.

The students have been highly disappointed by this and the SAMU Chairman, Wangila Wabomba, released a statement:

Good evening comrades,it with profound sorrow and deep grief at this moment as we mourn our fallen hero .

It is totally unbelievable that Kidero is no more.Mr Kidero was shoot while in the battle field. It was an instructed attack.

As I left the battle field early morning ,my late brother was to organised for phase 2 battle .We talked over the phone and this was his last words
“Chairman am sorry I have been late,go refresh and get me back in the field , we must win”.I responded as usual “loyal master” and I left to my house having completed the first phase.Few meters to my house,the worst news stroke me .

To the mfy soldiers, Kidero might have been just among the many of us on the long list to be shoot .Wallace ,Balozi,Ben,Osoro, Sindani,Sizza ,Tembo and other soldiers be vigilant .But I just want to remind you that they can’t kill all of us either.

To all comrades,even if all the soldiers die ,recruit other soldiers and go on with the fight .For the respect of Evans we will fight fight and fight to the last of all of us .Never give up .

To My late brother Kidero,I have no doubts that your soul is resting in power.Please send your spirit to fight with us.You are only the first on same way for us all .We will join you at God’s hour .Let your spirit haunt the administration ever ,let your spirit haute the police ever …don’t ever leave them ,disturb them to there death.We will never let you down. We will fight fight fight and fight in your owner.

To the management,yes you have worn to reduce us instead of reducing the fee as a sign of intimidation.You tried to use money it failed ,you tried to use Jubilee NASA affair to separate us ,it failed. Now you have used the power of a ballot to separate us ,congratulations. I want to remind you what you might not know, THE PAY BACK FOR DEATH IS DEATH .

Pray for me ,my life is in their hands .

What is between my mind and my soul is only God who knows.

My your soul rest in power brother!

God don’t leave us.


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