The Real Impact of Sports Sponsorship

In today’s world it is expected that an organisation understands the value they create and can articulate what that value means for sponsors, individuals, communities and wider society. Positive impacts create value for people and the environment, while negative impacts are harmful in various ways and should be avoided or mitigated.

 Because sport is so ingrained into the heart of communities, the impacts generated by the organisations involved go beyond the field and influence the fabric of society in a way that other sectors don’t. Sports creates heroes, role models, and most importantly something to believe in. Think about it, Senegal is in the World Cup for the first time in decades and you better believe the entire country has placed a lot of faith in them.

So how do you make sure that sports changes communities for good? Sports organisations and events use their position to create beneficial outcomes for society. This includes everything from giving children the opportunity to continue with their education, raising an impressive amount of funds to help local community development or reaching further afield and contributing to solving global challenges.

Helping sports change Kenya is what is at the heart of Sport Pesa’s sponsorships. This is why it is crucial that they continue supporting our sportsmen and women. While we all love it when our team wins the championship, it is these wider and ongoing contributions where sport can really make a lasting difference and it’s those types of stories that we need to be telling more of.


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