Reasons Why Diana Marua And Bahati Are Splitting Up

Singer Mr Seed as of late reported that he’s has left Bahati’s record mark EMB where had been marked for a long time to advance his performance profession being the main motivation behind why he left.

Be that as it may, clearly, individual gospel artist Ringtone knows the genuine motivation behind why the two are going separate ways.

On an instagram video, the controversial singer claimed that Bahati called the cops on Mr Seed’s wife, Nimo Gachuiri on December 31st after being forced by his wife Diana Marua.

During Bahati’s New Year concert at Thika Stadium, Ringtone claims in the video, Mr Seed’s heavily pregnant wife Nimo wanted to indulge in some business that Marua didn’t like. She was jealous according to Ringtone.

“Bahati’s wife became jealous prompting the musician to call the police,” Ringtone said before urging the two to speak up and stop lying to fans.

Mr Seed, while making the announcement, insisted that there was no bad blood between them and promised to address any issue that will arise thereafter.

Watch Ringtone’s video below:


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