Reasons Why Ethiopia’s Crash Victims’ Bodies Will Take Longer to Release

Families of those who lost their lives amid the Ethiopian Airlines plane accident on Sunday should hold up longer to get the remaining parts of their friends and family.

Ethiopian Airlines representative Asrat Begashaw expressed that the way toward distinguishing a few exploited people could take longer.

“The process of identifying the victims will take at least five days,” he stated.

Debris at the scene of the plane crash in Ethiopia

He stated due to the impact and ensuing fire, the identification of some remains could take weeks or months and may need to be done via dental records or DNA.

Speaking to Reuters, an expert stated the process might be complicated because the passengers were from more than 30 Countries and Ethiopia had limited forensic capabilities.

Some of the witnesses who stated the plane roared low over the field, emitting white smoke, before swerving sharply and crashing.

A Kenyan businessman, Noordin Mohamed told Reuters his family had no information on when they would bury his brother and mother.

“Losing a brother and mother in the same day and not having their bodies to bury is very painful,” he stated.

The Sunday morning tragedy left 32 Kenyans dead following the Nairobi bound Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX8 airplane, shortly after taking off.

The plane was also carrying 18 Canadians, 6 Egyptians, 9 Ethiopians, 7 French nationals, 8 Americans, 8 Italians, 8 Chinese, and 7 Britons among others.


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