Seps For Making Kenyan Coconut Mandazi

Mandazi is a common snack that is loved by everyone. As a popular Kenyan snack, it’s found practically everywhere you go. Whether you’re looking for a delicious breakfast snack or a quick snack you can grab at your workplace, try the tasty coconut mandazi; they’ll never disappoint.

The key ingredient for this recipe is coconut milk. 

¾ Cup of Coconut milk

½ Cup warm water

3 cups of All Purpose Flour

1 tsp of sugar

2 ¼ tsp of Yeast

6 tbsp of extra sugar

1 tbsp oil

1 tsp of Cardamom powder

Oil for Deep Frying

Step 1: In a bowl, dissolve 1 tsp of sugar in ½ cup warm water. Then dissolve the yeast in the mixture. Cover in a plastic wrap until the yeast rises.

Step 2: In another bowl, mix remaining sugar, oil, cardamom and ½ cup of milk.

Step 3. Add the yeast mixture in step 1 to the above mixture in Step 2

Step 4: In another bowl, mix flour into the liquid mixture. If the dough is too hard to knead, add the remaining coconut milk a tablespoon at a time. On the other hand, if the dough is too soft, add flour a little bit at a time.

Step 5: On a flat surface, continue to knead the dough for more 10 minutes until it becomes elastic.

Step 6: Move the dough to clean oiled bowl and cover with a clean cloth or plastic wrap. Let it rise.

Step 7: Once the dough has doubled in size (around 1 hr). Knead it for an additional 2 minutes to form a good-looking ball.

Step 8: Divide the dough into two and shape into two balls.

Step 9: With a rolling pin, roll each ball to about ½ cm thin.

Step 10: Use a knife to cut the dough into triangular shaped mandazi.

Step 11: Deep fry in hot vegetable oil until golden brown.

Serve your Kenyan coconut mandazi warm. Enjoy


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