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Religion, Traditional Belief of Kenyan

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Approximately 70% of Kenyans are Christians (38% Protestant, 28% Catholic); about 25% are adherents of indigenous religions; 6% are Muslim, among the Asian community there are Hindus, Sikhs, Parsees, and Bahais.

As far as Kenya religion goes, the Constitution of Kenya guarantees freedom of religion and worship to its people.
The following statistics show Kenya’s most recent religious composition:

Christian-Protestant 45% (This includes the Anglican Church of Kenya)
Roman Catholic 33%
Islam 10%
Indigenous Religions 10%
Other 2%

In Kenya there are also several independent Christian churches that have broken ties with other Christian or Protestant denominations. The largest of these independent churches was the Nomiya Luo Church, whose founder, Johana Owalo, was an early convert to Christianity in 1900. In 1907 he had a vision in which he was taken up into heaven by the angel Gabriel. He saw that Europeans and Asians, and even the popes,were not allowed to enter heaven. Later, he converted to Islam and began to preach that mission churches were in opposition to traditional beliefs. His mix of Christian, Anglican, and traditional practices attracted many followers. In Kenya today there are still many mission churches. Many worldwide religious groups have a strong presence. The number of Kenyan clergy has grown in the past years and most of the Roman Catholic and Church Province of Kenya hierarchies are Kenyan.

Islam is another major religion in Kenya. Followers include both Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims. The largest number of Muslims in Kenya are found in Mombasa and the neighboring coastal regions, as well as the northeastern regions of Kenya. Nairobi also has numerous mosques and a notable Muslim following.

Many of the traditional African religions are no longer widely practiced. Some of the denominations considered as indigenous religions combine aspects of Christianity with traditional religious beliefs. One of these denominations is Dini ya Msambwa, found mostly in Kenya’s Western province.

The few Kenyans who adhere to Hinduism and Sikhism are mostly Indians. They reside in most major towns and cities across Kenya.



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