Robert Burale Reveals Why His Marriage Crumbled After One Year And Two Days

He didn’t cheat on his wife, he didn’t even batter her but his marriage ended after only a year. Robert Burale now regrets why he was not a good husband to his wife.

Infidelity and violence are the root causes of breakups in marriages. Surprisingly Robert Burale’s marriage was not wrecked by these major issues.

Rushed to tie the knot

Robert Burale has opened up about some of the things that contributed to his marriage to crumble. The pastor says that he rushed to marry his wife without dating for a long time.

“We courted for five months and then got married in the same year. Everybody said we were rushing it but we were in love, in hindsight, we should have listened. We dated, courted, paid dowry and got married all within five months. Her parents were okay,” Robert Burale said during an interview with SDE.

Things he didn’t do

Robert Burale with his daughter

Robert Burale reveals three major things he didn’t do that ruined his marriage. The 41-year-old pastor says he didn’t communicate better, he didn’t listen to his wife and also didn’t spend more time with her.

“I wish I had communicated better with her, listened to her. I also wish I spent more time with her. It’s not that I was travelling or working a lot but sometimes you can be in the same room as someone else but you are not really spending time together.

“There was also outside influence from friends. Nobody gets into marriage wanting it to fail. Mine failed after one year, two days! It was painful and depressing. I tried to hide it for a while. For four months, I was still putting on my ring.

“It was hard to pretend because I was a preacher. There was no infidelity in our marriage, but we should have cultivated our friendship more because this is what holds a marriage together. We should have been friends first.”



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