The Romantic Reason John Allan Namu Proposed Twice To His Wife

In 2010, John Allan Namu and the love of his life Sheena Makena tied the knot in the presence of about 650 guests in Limuru.
8 years on the couple is still going on strong and it’s not hard to see why.

During an interview with Ebru TV, the two shared inside jokes, laughed easily with each other and drew the viewers in with their palpable chemistry and intelligence. It was simply so cute how beautifully they gelled after all these years.

And simple seems to be the Namu policy as the two described themselves as the kind of people who aren’t into elaborate shows of romance. And this quality was shown in the way Allan proposed, he chose sincerity over hyperbolic romance when proposing to the mother of his kids.

“He proposed twice.” Sheena said as she laughed “We don’t really talk about the proposal because it’s kind of a private moment, it was like super private. But it was really at a time when we were both ourselves and there was really no hoo-ha around it. And he asked me to marry him and I remember the first thing I asked him was ‘Are you serious?’ Because at even that point I wasn’t absolutely sure that this is what we should be doing and I had a lot of uncertainty whether we were doing for the right reason. Is he doing it because he feels that he needs to as he doesn’t want to shirk responsibility or is he doing it because he does truly care about me and about our baby?”

Sheena then went on to describe Namu’s proposal as raw and it was done while their firstborn whom they fondly refer to as ‘their love child’ had fallen asleep and they finally had a moment to themselves.

Speaking about his first proposal Allan said “About the proposal, it wasn’t like a wham-bam, ati ooh I fly you to this remote destination and you turn around and there is this big ring and there are doves. I am not that kind of person. I think I can be romantic but at that point, I just wanted to be sincere.”

Given that the first one was kind of a spur-of-the-moment proposal, Namu made sure that he prepared well for his second one as he wanted to show his intent. And so he came armed with a ring.“Proposal two, I was a bit more prepared, I think the highlight of proposal two was that there was an engagement ring just to show my intent so I went out and looked for one.”


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