Romantic Things You Should Offer Your Woman This Season (Photos)

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The holiday season is officially here and it’s time to get romantic! Kenyan men have been highly castigated for being unromantic. Of course, they have not taken this lightly. They have asked Kenyan women to go to the Alehandros then; citing that they (the men) will go to Ethiopia where the women’s ratio is in favor of men. Instead of all this back and forth, this article should give you tips on how to be romantic. Women are easily attracted to romantic men. Most women believe that it’s the thought that counts, so you don’t have to buy an island in the Caribbean to please her; except those looking for sponsors of course.

Here are romantic things to do for your girlfriend this holiday season:

1. Massages.

Give your lady a massage after a long day at work. Help her relax and release all the tension from a hard day’s work.

romantic man

2. Buy her gifts.

Buy her something that she mentioned she loved the last time you went shopping together. It could be a beautiful shoe or a dress, just pick up on the cues when you go shopping.

couple dress makeup love relationship goals

couple dress makeup love relationship goals


3. Candlelight dinner.

Women love candlelit dinners. Make reservations in her favorite restaurant and request for a candlelight setup; this gesture will melt her heart.

4. Surprise getaway trip.

Does she love game parks or the beach? Find out what she enjoys and make arrangements for a getaway trip. Shop for a few things like a bikini for her if she loves the beach and give it to her on the day of the trip. She will melt!

5. Bathtub bath.

Get home early from work, prepare her a bubble bath, and offer to do everything. You could also join her, clean her back, massage each other, chat over a glass of bubbly and just relax.

romantic man

6. Flowers.

Send her flowers to her office and a small card with a special message. Women find this quite romantic.

7. Fancy impromptu dinner.

Random surprises always turn out to be fun. Plan a fancy dinner that she didn’t expect and pick her from her place of work.

8. Pay for a subscription to something she likes.

Does she love a certain magazine? Or attend a certain gym or dance classes? Offer her a monthly, quarterly or yearly subscription, depending on your budget and surprise her.

9. If you’re bad at gifts, offer her a gift voucher of a certain amount.

Sometimes, coming up with the perfect gift can be a hustle. If you’re unsure, you can always offer her a gift voucher of a certain amount from her favorite store, be it a makeup store, clothing store or bookstore for her to get herself whatever she likes. She will greatly appreciate the effort.

gift voucher

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