Saga as Raila’s Former Aide Tries to Prevent Ida Odinga Handshake

A former adviser of Raila Odinga was on Monday prevented by the former Prime Minister’s sister after trying to stop a Kwale politician from handshaking Ida Odinga.

Idris Abdulrahman, who served as Raila’s adviser while he was Prime Minister, got a dressing down from Ruth Odinga after he tried to block Kwale ODM vice chairman Nicholas Zani from meeting Ida.

Zani, who is a brother to nominated Raila Odinga arrived at Raila’s home after 5 pm on Monday for his 74th birthday party.

“He was going to greet Ida but Abdulrahman blocked him. Ruth Odinga was not amused and had to rebuke the man,” said a source who attended the party.

Observers say this could have been a silent contest to show power.

Zani, however, played down the incident saying it was a small misunderstanding.

He said he gets along well with Abdulrahman.

“He is a good friend of mine and we get along well. I don’t know what got into him yesterday. But it was a small insignificant thing,” Zani said on the phone Yesterday.

Abdulrahman dismissed the incident saying he has much more serious things to think about.

“I don’t get involved in those petty things, boss. Those are petty things I don’t get involved in,” said Idris on phone.

Zani and Idris are well-known by the Odinga Family and are held in high regard. Zani vied for the Kwale Senate but lost in the nominations.

He has been coordinating ODM activities in Kwale county and has served in various capacities in the county, including as the chief of staff. He is currently, Joho’s adviser and a sub-county administrator.


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