See The Multi Million Mansion Nation FM’s Radio Presenter Owns (Photos)

Munene Nyaga is not a new name to those who have been listening to Easy FM before it changed it’s name to Nation FM.

The fella ruled the air waves and if I am not wrong, he still does his job perfectly. Away from his radio life there is a new photo showing a multi million mansion believed to have been built by Munene Nyaga.

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The Nation FM presenter owns a house situated on a quarter-acre piece of land in Sabaki Estate off Mombasa Road. Well, he built he house after years of savings and unlike most Munene avoided taking a mortgage since he had 3 million set aside for the project.

“I had many options, including taking up a mortgage, but the cost of mortgages is unbelievably high.”

How big is the house?

Well despite having a small family, the radio presenter’s house has 8 bedrooms with 6 bathrooms and a unique living room which has a bar among other things.

When asked how he came up with the unique design used to build his house he said;

“I was seated at a restaurant in town; eating fries and fish fingers and the idea occurred to me. Before I knew it, I had a sketch of my dream home.”


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