See The New Method City Thieves Are Now Using To Steal From People In CBD

Man Slapped After Trying To Interrupt KTN Reporter On Live TV


Nairobi has been named many great things in the past.

But unfortunately, it is also the hub of great robbers. Thieves have developed different ways to steal from people and it is simply astonishing. It is said that people who spend an awful amount of time in town are more like to get robbed. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is, just stay WOKE as long as you’re in town. City thieves have now picked a new place to visit their “businesses”, right in between buses. This means you can no longer walk freely as you used to. The CBD has become one of the most dangerous places to be in that you should probably only go there if you really have to.

We also don’t know where we will move to at this point.

Please walk in open spaces, walk fast and if someone is following you it’s best you enter a restaurant or a store nearby. Avoid dingy shortcuts in town and whatever you do don’t forget the golden rule. Do not speak to strangers.


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