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Sema Ukweli: Boniface Mwangi’s Platform for Kenyans Seeking Justice

Political activist Boniface Mwangi has launched Sema Ukweli, a platform for Kenyans seeking justice.

According to Boni, the move was prompted by the high number of requests for assistance to he gets in a day.

“In a day l receive between 70-100 messages from people asking for help, justice or guidance. Sema Ukweli Kenya will be a platform where we shall be posting your stories,” he wrote.

“I am not able to reply most of them but I am hoping to create a system for that to be possible.

Sema Ukweli Kenya will be a platform where we shall be posting your stories. Victim of Injustice? We shall tell your story. Text/WhatsApp 0758 199 199, email:, follow #SemaUkweli” he added.

The posters for Sema Ukweli feature calls to action urging Kenyans to confront and speak out on corruption, injustices and other ills in society.

“See injustice, shoot a video. Ukiona uovu, sema kitu,” the posters reads.

Sema Ukweli has already featured several stories on people seeking justice.

Boni, arguably Kenya’s most outstanding human rights activist has had run-ins with law enforcement officers on numerous occasions for his staunch stand against injustices.


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