Series Of Cleansing Ceremonies To Be Held At Salgaa (Photos)

Several  cleansing ceremonies are to be held at the notorious Salgaa-Sachangwan stretch.

The purification ceremony will be held next week and elders from both communities will take part in the ceremony.

Speaking after a meeting held in AGC Sachangwan, elders of Kalenjin and Kikuyu communities deliberated on measures that will help reduce the number accidents in the famous stretch.

Road sign along Salgaa Sachangwan stretchplayRoad sign along Salgaa Sachangwan stretch (Courtesy)

The clergy are also expected to take part in the cleansing ceremonial event which will be carried out in the stretch between Salgaa and Sachangwan which is located along the Nakuru- Eldoret road.

Indication had earlier been made by a police report that the Migaa spot is the most dangerous section along the Ngata–Kamara stretch in Salgaa.


playA section of Nakuru-Nairobi road (Courtesy)

Migaa alone is responsible for 21% of accidents that occur along the dangerous stretch.

A well known musician Kenene, a Kalenjin musician was among the well-known people who died in the deadly highway. While others are; lawyer Geoggrey Oraro’s  family members who include his wife, child and his cousin and Statehouse controller Wilson Chepkwony


playA vehicle involved in an ccident in Salgaa (Courtesy)

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