Sossion tells principals to keep off labour issue



“When I speak about taking some action, some people try to intimidate me. I lead a strong union that is free to decide its own programmes through teachers. I urge Kepsha and Kessha to keep away from labor matters. Wacha kabisa [stop immediately],” Sossion said.
Kenya National Union of Teachers’ secretary-general Wilson Sossion on Tuesday blasted two associations “for meddling in labor matters.”
Sossion spoke at Sheikh Zayed Children Welfare Center in Mombasa on Tuesday while addressing the 14th Kenya Primary School Heads Association conference.
He told off the Kenya Primary School Heads Association (Kepsha) and the Kenya Secondary School Heads Association (Kessha) for opposing a planned September 1 strike.
Kepsha chairman Shem Ndolo and his Kessha counterpart Indimuli Kahi have opposed the strike calls. They want Knut, the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers and the Teachers Service Commission to dialogue.
Ndolo drew the wrath of teachers on Monday when he announced that monthly contributions have been increased from Sh100 to Sh500. Teachers opposed the moved, they demanded to know how their cash was used. Ndolo dismissed their complaints as “nonsensical”.

Teachers hit the roof. The meeting was thrown into disarray, as teachers shouted at Ndolo to relinquish his position. Sossion has been accused of inciting teachers.

On Tuesday, Sossion said the strike plan remains on course if a meeting with the TSC fails to bear fruit on August 21.

Among the issues Knut wants to be addressed are the transfer of school heads (delocalization), teacher performance appraisal and development and promotion of teachers.

Sossion said someone at the TSC is abusing the independence of that commission by coming up with many policies that are stressing teachers. However, he did not mention names.

On delocalization, he said teachers have started dying because of the transfers.

“I’m sorry to report that one teacher died today because of being delocalized from Marwakwet to Baringo,” Sossion said.

He said they are not going to accept policies that are not negotiated and agreed.


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