Stella Nyanzi’s Younger Sister Exposes Dirty Family Linen In Puplic

Ugandan scholar and activist, Stella Nyanzi, has been branded a liar by her younger sister on social media, in what is the latest episode of her melodramatic lifestyle.

The fiery and controversial Nyanzi is best known for her combative personality, but on Thursday when she yanked out skeletons from the family closet, she evoked the wrath of her younger sibling, Sheila.

It all started with a post by Stella about how their parents used to fight in their children’s presence when they were growing up.

“My parents violence made me a fighter,” Stella Nyanzi wrote on Facebook. “I am a fighter because throughout my life, I watched my mother fighting back against the aggressor in her husband, my father. I am a fighter because I know what it means to sit back and do nothing against violent aggressors.”

The post did not go down well with her younger sibling who lashed out at Stella, telling her to stop making up stories about their dead parents just for cheap publicity.


“Stop using our dead parents who cant defend themselves in their silence to spice your writings,” wrote Sheila, in a response that flared up what must be a stormy family relationship.

And she wasn’t done yet.

“Why didn’t you write these in their lives (when they were alive) so that they could speak up for themselves? This is 2018 and we are ready to defend the honor of our parents against your viciousness. We will fight their honor by speaking truth back to you. RIP Mum and dad,” she further wrote.

This family showdown notwithstanding, Stella is no stranger ugly fights. She has in the recent past crossed swords with among others President Yoweri Museveni and First Lady Janet Museveni.

She has also been on the warpath with the country’s Judiciary, the police, her ex-husband and even her former boss at Makerere University. She even once stripped naked at the university to protest over office space.

On Thursday, however, she met her match in the most unlikeliest foe.


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