Step-By-Step Guide To Taking Perfect Shots With Your iPhone


If you want to hone your personal photography skills and join the slay kings and queens on social media, just take a look at the following tips to taking awesome photos with your phone. Sorry Android users, this is for iPhone users only, unless you want to be experimental and try your hands with your Android device 😩.

1. When you want to share that special moment with bae or your loved ones


2. Want to show off your squad?

Squaaad goals


3. When there’s a bright light behind the person you’re taking a photo of

This happens a lot, maybe when you want to take a perfect moment of your mom or dad you adore so much to show off on the Gram that you got it from them ….


4. Want that sunset photo effect?

Maybe you’re at the beach …..


5. When you want to be just colorful

You see one of those pictures on Instagram that look like they were taken in Denmark, here’s how to get the look


6. Want to show off that beautiful scenery when you went for a walk?

Maybe you and bae decided to go for a walk, job, hike or something and you thought of capturing that scenery ….


7. How about a night out

Maybe, you want to show off the wild side of you …


8. How about taking a photo of bae’s priceless moments without notifying him/her

Awwww ….


9. The perfect black and white shots

We all know everything looks better in Black & White


10. Want a stronger selfie-game than Kim Kardashian?


11. Want to take that one-of-a-kind photos from a perfect angle …

Because those moments are rare ….


12. Want to make your besties glow in pictures

What are friends for? ….


13. How about a perfect portrait


14. How about that perfect close-up photo of your pet or gadget


15. Maybe you find yourself at this beautiful place and want to capture the beauty of the place, of course with you in there .. duh


16. At a party, club or bar and want the lights at the place to brighten your photos …

do not use Flash


17. When frolicking with bae and every moment counts

or maybe at the beach and want to jump …


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