Struggles All Long Distance Travelers In Kenya Can Relate To

Ask former Safaricom C.E.O Michael Joseph. Our unique habits don’t end just in the manner in which we handle mobile telephony but also in our travel behaviours.

Here is a list of the interesting and some may say scary things that you might encounter on a Kenyan bus engaged in long distance travel:

1. Bedbugs

Yes, this little buggers can be found on even the most exclusive of buses. Pray, you don’t encounter one of these satanic creatures on the bus because you will not sleep even with the use of a sleeping pill! I know, I embellish a little.

2. Lack of a restroom

How can you have a 6 hour plus journey without the use of a toilet? On Kenyan buses, this is not only a possibility but the way of life. Where is my plastic bag? Eh, they were banned, sir. What am I to pee into? Your problem sir, not mine. Woooooi!

3. The smells

Need I say more. Pray you don’t get a seat with a lady transporting fish. You will suffer my friend!

4. Rough roads

Kenya does have some superb roads but man doesn’t it also have pot-hole jungles. The bumpy ride is not for the faint of heart. It is akin to experiencing sea-sickness with the constant tossing back and forth. Pray you don’t get the back seat on one of these roads. You will suffer my friend! Suffer I tell you!

5. The best drivers in the world

Our drivers make me proud. They are khat-chewing, accelerator flooring individuals who drive like tomorrow is a prayer and today is for the stupid. The best I repeat! They will leave you literally out of breath with the reckless abandon that they fling around those buses on bends. Formula One drivers have nothing on these guys. Nothing! I tell you.

6. Live animals on the bus

Live alone the fish lady. So, someone will carry a live chicken the whole trip. Is this not animal cruelty? And don’t you dare try scolding the offending person cause you will receive wrath akin to hellfire for your troubles. As you were, as you were.

7. Beautiful country

Travelling in Kenya may be filled with many negatives but there is at one positive. Our country Kenya is a sight to behold. From the rolling hills of Eldoret to the plush fields of Kiambu, to the desert landscapes of Garissa, to the redness that is the Tsavo, my homeland is beautiful. Very beautiful! This is seen very well while on a bus.


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