Stunning Photos Of The ‘Hot Cop’, Emma Brenda Wanjiru

There’s a new sexy cop in town and people cannot get enough of her.

Many men have even been jokingly asking her to arrest them. Mafisi ni wengi. Her name is Emma Brenda Wanjiru and she rose to internet fame after pictures of her looking all pretty while wearing a police uniform went viral.

I don’t know why we never expect female cops to be good-looking. When we see a hot one, we tend to be intensively shocked. But that’s just how we are as Kenyans.

Emma is stationed in Mombasa and judging from her pictures, slaying is in her DNA. Slaying is her mitochondrion and her nucleus. If we were in 2009, Lil Wayne would have been proud to feature her in the Mrs. Officer video.

Check out her stunning pics;

1. Look at the nice tattoo.


2. Eyes like a fairy.


3. A figure-hugging black dress.


4. Black tie.


5. Just another normal day.


6. All smiles.


7. Nice curly hair.


8. Red and white combination.


9. Kula tu kwa macho.


10. Easy vacation.


11. Nap time..


12. Yes afande!!

13. Bad guys, be warned.


14. Lovely background.


15. And cool sneakers.


16. Pink dress.


17. Wow….just wow!!


18. This girl is too fine.


19. Eish!!


20. Can I be your informer?


21. God took his time on her.


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