Taxi-Hailing App Service Providers to Start Paying Fees to County Govermrnt

Taxi-hailing app service providers such as Uber,Taxify and Little Cab among others will now start remitting taxes to the Nairobi County Government as part of measures to maximize revenue collection.

This new levy is to be paid by the operators of the online taxi application as it has been stipulated in the County Finance Bill passed by the Members of Nairobi County Assembly.

While passing the Bill on Tuesday,the members argued that even though they have created employment,there is need for them to generate revenue to the County.

“It is unfair that a big percentage of the profits goes to foreign countries yet they use our roads and pollute the air and the County which maintains the roads doesn’t get anything,” said Mark Mugambi MCA Umoja.

The maximum levy will be Sh300,000 per year for companies with over 100 vehicles ,companies with 51 to 100 vehicles will pay Sh100,000 while the minimum levy will be Sh50,000 for companies with 50 vehicles and below.

The Bill which is awaiting to be ascended by Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, has also factored the reduction of parking fees to Sh200 from the current Sh300.


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