Few Things You Should Never Say To A Single Mother No Matter How Curious You Are

Sometimes the decision to be a single mom is one that women are forced to make as it is best for their children and sometimes men happen to refuse to man up and leave their children all over the place. What is a woman meant to do? If you’re one those men or women who like judging single mothers then you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Here are some things you should never say to a single mother.

1. Did you ever consider an abortion? I would have aborted.

2. How did you get pregnant?

3. You should have thought of that before you had kids or left your baby daddy.

4. You should never have left your baby daddy even if he was bad he is still the father of your child.

5. Getting a man must be really hard for you.

6. Where did the father go?

7. How was giving birth?

8. Why do you still act like a single lady?


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