Things Most People Think About Thick Women When It Comes To Dating

The process of trying to find the ideal man is grueling for all women, but it is even harder for plus-sized women. Unfortunately, fat-phobia is real and very much alive among us. We live in a society where women are expected to present themselves in thin packages.

People and men in particular have absurd preconceived notions of what a heavy woman looking for a boyfriend should be like. Here are some of the ridiculous things people think about overweight women when it comes to dating:

Desperate and easy

I have seen articles online advising men who are looking for easy sex to target overweight women because apparently, these women are so desperate that they will sleep with any man who gives them attention. Men believe that all overweight women are teeming with insecurities and they can exploit these insecurities to get whatever they want from them.

This is a very gross generalisation of overweight women. Being overweight doesn’t mean a woman will be insecure and an easy score for horny men. A lot of overweight women hold themselves in high esteem and wouldn’t give the time of day to men who just want them for sex.

They shouldn’t be picky 
Most women have a list of requirements for potential partners. I, for example, am not attracted to short men. Some people believe that overweight women don’t have a right to be picky when it comes to the men they will go out with.

They believe that they shouldn’t have a type of man they are not attracted to. It is wrong to assume that overweight women should settle for whatever man who shows interest in them. Every woman, regardless of her size, deserves to be with someone she finds attractive. There is nothing wrong with an overweight woman being picky.

Men with a fetish love them 

There are other people out there who believe that fat women are so unattractive that the only way a man would be interested in a fat woman is if he is a chubby chaser, or has a fetish for fat women. First of all, overweight women are also beautiful and secondly, looks are not the only thing that attracts a man to a woman.

Should be greatful for any man
Again, this stems from the belief that overweight women are not attractive and therefore, should be very grateful to the men who decide to date them despite this. Men who date overweight women act like they should receive a medal for it. No, you are not doing her a favour by dating her.

Should not post flattering photos Overweight women who post beautiful selfies of their faces are thought to be deceptive because “they are not showing their true selves”. Posting sexy selfies isn’t about trying to trick anyone. If she doesn’t want to show her body, that’s her choice. A woman has a right to post whatever pictures she wants of herself online.


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