Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Comedian, Aunt Jemimah


The beauty of Social Media is that becoming popular is very easy if your content is funny or relatable. One fast rising entertainer is Wangari Nguri, better known as Aunt Jemimah, a name that happens to be her alias.

Wangari has always loved the arts. She started out acting set books and plays at Kenya National Theater but felt she needed to do something different. After unsuccessfully applying for jobs on radio, she decided to record a video on her phone about how men from her community ask for sex. To her surprise, albeit the controversy surrounding the topic, the video skyrocketed, with people wanting more.

Little did she know that that single decision to make that video would be the beginning of her successful vlogging journey. Now, the funny lady has joined the leagues of Njugush, DJ Shiti, Andrew Kibe, Teacher Wanjiku, Propesa etc to become an influential comedian with an impressive following. Even though Wangari’s comedy is mostly in Kikuyu language, she also curates content that’s relatable to the rest of Kenyans.


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