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Things You Should Not Do On A First Date

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While we’d love to encourage you to be ‘yourself’, there are some things you need to keep on the low especially on a first date.

Finally, that great guy you’ve been hoping to get a date with is on board and he just asked when you are available! You know you’ve been waiting for this day but aren’t quite sure how to present yourself, then again, you’d love to make a lasting first impression!

For instance, even if you really need a man to eventually help you pay that rent, don’t bring it up on the first date!

That said, here are some things not to do on a first date

Avoid Too Much Information
So, the conversation is flowing and suddenly your feel the urge to mention your previous relationships, how many boyfriends you’ve had, when was your last night stand, well, DON’T mention it.

Such information could ruin a potentially great night and deem the chances of that relationship getting to the next level.

Show up late
This is a great time to prove that at least, you respect your time and other people’s.

While you may be used to always showing up late when meeting up with your friends, you don’t know how your date’s time keeping skills are set up.

For a first date remember ‘time is of the essence’ and if you have to be late, mention it.

Have your phone on the table top
We live in an era where people respond faster to online conversations than to people around them. For this reason, people always seem to have their phone next to them.

Let’s just say that there is nothing worse than being on a date with someone constantly looking at their phone screen

Swoon over other people
In case you end up in a flashy hotel where fashionistas, celebrities and influential people come through, stay calm!

Your date is your focus and knowing well that everyone loves to feel appreciated, don’t do something that makes them doubt themselves.

Wear uncomfortable clothes
Imagine wearing such a tight outfit that you need to keep pulling it down, well,

Wear outfits that flatter you in a good way and that allow you to be comfortable. In case you aren’t sure what to wear, a beautiful knee length dress could be a great place to start.

Get wasted
You have ordered your meal, wine and yes! It’s your favourite wine so you need a few more glasses. Don’t get wasted!

No one comes to a date hoping to carry a drunkard home.

Regardless of how fun your date seems, don’t get wasted! Save it for the consequent dates.

Talk over your date
You may be too smart! You may know the keys to life but please! Don’t show it off on the first day, especially if you hope to see that person again!

Ask for messy food
Messy food is too much work on a first date. Considering that everyone is hoping to be as casual and comfortable as possible during this first date, do not order a meal that will leave you struggling with the cutlery.

Complain about the bill
So maybe the total bill is much higher than you expected, don’t start ranting just yet! Whenever you go out, be sure to have money with you when going on a date, just in case you have to split it or chip in. Yes! It happens and desperate times call for desperate measures!



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