Throwback Photo Of A Very Broke Vivian During Her Days As A ‘Mali Mali’ Seller (Photos)

Singer vivian


If you’ve been through rocky times, it’s important to embrace your backstory and to share it with others. The experience has formed your character and makes you an interesting person

In the book Pour Your Heart Into It, Multi-millionaire and Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz wrote, “The more uninspiring your origins, the more likely you are to use your imagination and invent worlds where everything seems possible.”

Schultz came from uninspiring origins and he never grows tired of telling the story of his humble beginnings in books, interviews and public presentations.

One person who has been through a lot is Singer Vivian. Did you know that she used to sell plastic items aka ‘mali mali’? The talented artiste shared a throwback photo of back in the day when she used to hawk stuff and survive on a lunch of melon. She captioned’;

Anytime I take a look at this picture it reminds me to be more humble. Why should I really boast. By then things were so tough on me. I hadnt started singing. I was a mali mali seller. I sold cups, plates, thermos to make ends meet. The piece of watermelon was my lunch that day. Surely never despise humble beginnings. I look at my life and all I can say is god reigns over our lives. Your current situation is not your future. There is always a brighter day ahead.

Wow! People’s lives do turn around.

This is the current, hot and sizzling Vivian.



And here is the former Vivian.


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