Timmy Tdat Talks About His Failed Journey To Becoming A Priest

Timmy Tdat

Timmy Tdat would have been a Catholic priest but God had other intention for him. The rapper reveals he dropped out of a seminary to venture into music.

It’s hard to think of any Kenyan rapper who can make a reputable priest. Interestingly Timmy Tdat was enrolled in a seminary and would have become a priest if he didn’t drop out.

Timmy opened up about his failed journey to becoming a priest an interview with a local daily. The ‘We’ll Be Ok’ rapper reveals that his late father wanted him to be a priest.

I served as an altar boy for as long as I can remember

Timmy Tdat

Timmy says he was raised in a staunch catholic family. He explains that his late father made him attend all the three masses in church because he wanted him to be a priest in future.

“As a young boy he would make sure I attended all the three masses at our church and take notes on how they were conducted. I served as an altar boy for as long as I can remember but my passion wasn’t in it. Still, I believe that if my dad was here with me today, he would still be proud of the man I have become,” said Timmy Tdat.

The rapper was enrolled into a seminary but dropped out and he became a tout. Timmy also sold mitumba clothes before he ventured into music.


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