Tips For Choosing Mobile Toilets For Your Outdoor Event

Here are some quick tips to help you decide.

Number of Guests

The number of mobile toilets you hire certainly depends on the number of guests you plan to host. It’s important to be realistic with your numbers so you don’t create unnecessary congestion at the restroom area. A standard mobile toilet has a capacity of 250 liters, which experts say is enough for approximately 20 people. So, if your guests exceed this number, you should consider hiring a second toilet.


Type of Event and Guests

Different events demand different levels of hygiene. Thankfully, you can now find a wide range of mobile toilets that offer varied levels of usability and experience. If you are hosting prominent guests for a high-profile event, you should go for executive luxury portable toilets that are designed to offer maximum comfort.

Quality and Effectiveness

The quality of a mobile toilet is determined by the kind of features it has and its usefulness. There are certain key elements that even the simplest type of portable restroom ought to have, for example, ample space, clean water, holding tank, basins, roof, ventilation, door, steps and lighting. It has to be safe for all people including children, the elderly, and the disabled.


Space Available

Where you place your mobile toilets is also important. Normally, it is recommended that you set up your washrooms a couple of meters away from the sitting area. So, your venue needs to have enough space to accommodate the number of mobile toilets you wish to set up.

It’s always good to work with a professional event planner who understands the nitty-gritties of mobile toilets.


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