This Toddler Read 100 Books In A Day And We Are Amazed (Video)

In one day, this adorable 4-year-old boy from Chicago called Caleb read 100 books, some being about Ninja turtles and dogs.

Like any proud parent, Caleb’s parents decided to video the same and upload it on Facebook. To say the least, we are super impressed by this little kid, and we’re not the only ones, because the video got a few thousand views.

Caleb did a little dance after every 10 books he wrote, and it’s just the cutest thing you’ll see.

He was the one who set up the goal for himself! Talk about a responsible and ambitious little boy. When he requested his parents to help, they told him to aim a little lower, he didn’t budge and demanded to that he wanted to read one hundred books and no less.

Steve Harvey wow-gif


His delighted parents went ahead and got him the books, and when they fell short they got help from friends to help him reach one hundred books.

If you’ve got time on your hands, you can go right ahead and watch the little boy ponder through the books one by one.


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