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Top 3 Most Expensive and Tallest University Buildings in Kenya

Moi University

Moi University- Pension Scheme Complex

Moi University Pension Scheme tower is a 26-floor commercial building in Eldoret town. This is perhaps the tallest university structures ever build in Kenya.

The tower named Moi University Pension Scheme Complex has been built near the Eldoret Hospital along the Nairobi road and it costed the university ksh. 2.4 billion

The tower  has 17 regular floors from the seventh to the 23rd floors. It also has a restaurant, health Club and swimming pool on the 24th floor shown in the photo below.

moi university pension tower

Photo: Moi University Tower
moi university tower
Photo: Swimming pool on the 24th floor of the moi university pension tower

University of Nairobi- Chandaria University of Nairobi Towers

2nd among the Tallest University buildings in Kenya is University of Nairobi’s tower named Chandaria tower.  The 22 storey building which  is nearing its completion will accommodate 3000 students, a Vice-Chancellor’s Suite, Council Meeting Room, Senate Boardroom, one lecture theatre of 500 persons, four lecture theatres of 300 persons, and several lecture rooms.Photo: university of Nairobi Chandaria Towers

university of nairobi chandaria towers

Photo: university of Nairobi Chandaria Towers

The tower costed the university ksh. 2.3  billion.

Kenyatta University Post Modern Library

Kenyatta’s University’s post modern library is not among the tallest but is among the most expensive university structures in Kenya. The  Post Modern  Library  is  a  five storey  building  which  is  equipped  with  cutting edge  technology and  resources  for  quality  services. It  has  a  seating capacity of over 6,000.

kenyatta university post modern library

Photo: Kenyatta university post modern library

More tall and expensive University towers are coming up and we will update them in our subsequent post once they near completion.

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