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Top 4 Highest Paid Actors And Actresses In Kenya

Showbiz industry is developing in the nation. This has expanded the stake for the majority of the performing artists. It has made them to charge additional normal expense when it comes down to exhibiting their ability. Some have made are as yet profiting out of it. However,at the finish of the day it’s much the same as some other business. Here is a glance at the main 4 most paid Kenyan actors.

Naomi Kamau

She is the genius behind two of Kenya’s biggest TV shows: Tahidi High and Mother-in-Law.

Her shows are the most watched. Since the days of Reflection ,fast forward to mother in law. She has been the iron lady when it comes to local productions. Naomi Kamau is a producer, a script writer and an actress. She has been acting for eleven years. She has produced and featured on many TV Shows like; Heart and Soul, Makutano Juntion, Tahidi High and Mother-in-Law and machachari which won as the best play of the year during the 2010 Chaguo la Teeniez. Nevertheless,she also featured as the host of the shamba shape up television show on Citizen Tv. She Is said to be earning kSh120,000 per show.

Charles Bukeko (Papa Shirandula)

Charles is one of the highest paid actors in the country. He has appeared on big time commercials across the world like Coca Cola,Go Tv and Tusker. He is said to be earning around 2 million from these adverts. Moreover,He is said to be cashing 15,000 in appearing everyday in the television set. Bukeko plays the lead role in the Papa Shirandula Tv show which came as a hit during its first days – still is. He is said to be pocketing 120,000 for acting and scripting the programme.

Davis Mwabili (Inspekta Mwala)
Mwabili is a famous actor in Kenya based on his role On Citizen TV show Inspekta Mwala. He is a short and funny in nature which to some extent has prove vital in his rise to fame.He is said to be generating around ksh 100,000 when he features.

John Sibi Okumu
Sibi-Okumu started acting in 1968 while a student at Lenana School proceeding to act in various productions. He has acted in several movies, including Born Free(1975), We are the children (1987) and Metamo (1997). Over the years Sibi-Okumu has appeared in some 40 lead roles on stage, including Ripples On a Pond, both on the American Civil Rights Movement, as well as Milestones – A showcase for African Poetry. He also hosted Zain African challenge where he was said to be earning around 2 million per season. Furthermore, it is said that he has to paid 200,000 to appear in any television show.


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