Top Five Best Secondary Schools In Kenya

Top five best secondary schools in Kenya. The specialties of Kenyan system of education as well as of secondary schools. Comprehension of educational goals and the top list of best secondary schools in Kenya to be trusted with children’ education.

Education is a very important part of life. Especially, for our century where information is the most valuable notion and the most dangerous weapon. There is no good future without education. Therefore education has become one of the highly perspective investment in our whole life.

And the population and the government of the country know that very well, for Kenya is the one of the most literate countries on the African continent. Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology are responsible for every stage of education and educational institutions.

Top 5 best secondary schools in Kenya

1. Starehe Boys’ Centre and School
Starehe’s students

Starehe's students

Starehe Boys Centre and School famous partly– boarding school in Nairobi. Only boys are accepted to study there. The establishment is prestigious and has a long history. This history started in 1959 when Geoffrey William Griffin, with Joseph Gikubu, and Geoffrey Geturo built a school for 17 orphaned children, a place where they could find care and solace. But the goal was not just to protect children or to feed them and take care of them. The key was to build self-respect and confidence in boys harmed and bitten by hard life. The motto “Natulenge Juu” (Let Us Aim High) reflects these goals and basic values of the school Integrity, Leadership and Service.

Nowadays this school provides free education for highly talented boys who cannot afford to pay for it. In fact about 2/3 of Starehe students study there for free.

Students enter the school after an open exam and preferences are given to those with high scores in their KCPE. So academic success of their students is very important for the school. Life of Starehe is built on discipline. There are prefects and Cabinet of the school to help school authorities to maintain discipline and order.

Starehe boys also learn to serve their country and community. Every year they dedicate a month in different voluntary services.

There is no doubt, Starehe is one of the best secondary schools in Kenya.


2. Alliance Girls’ High School

Alliance Girls’ High School students

Alliance Girls’ High School students
Another Kenyan school with a history. Built in the middle of last century by the Alliance of Protestant Missions.This one was the very first educational establishment for Kenyan girls. Situated less than 30 km from the capital of Kenya it accepts girls from all corners of the country. The first principal of AGHS did a lot to increase women’s access to education and academic activities in Kenya.

Currently the school is known for splendid academic achievements. In fact the average KCPE score in AGHS is the highest among Kenyan girl-schools. And the third among schools in general. No wonder that it’s really difficult for a student to get an admission.

School motto is “Walk in the light”.

School offers a lot of extra curriculum activities as ICT Club or Basketball.


3. Moi High School Kabarak

Moi High School Kabarak students

Moi High School Kabarak students
Moi High School Kabarak is the primeboarding school in the list where both boys and girls study.Constructed by Daniel Arap Moi the second president of the independent Kenya, on his own farm it is situated near Nakuru. That’s why the motto of the school is “On Earth We Rise.” For now school is private and rather expensive. Though not so wealthy students are supported financially.

This is a school with the strongest Christian values promotion and the best KCPE scores on average .


4. Strathmore School

Strathmore School students

Strathmore School students
Strathmore School built in 1961 is the first inter-racial of the supreme secondary schools in Kenya. It is located in Lavington. This school used to practice British curriculum and exams until 1977 but then this changed and now it offer education under KCSE standard. The motto of the school says “Ut omnes unum sint” (That All May Be One).

The main difference from other schools is that Strathmore School unlike the vast majority of its collegues i.e.,other schools in Kenya does not use the system of different school houses or prefects.


5. Kenya High School

Kenya High School students

Kenya High School students
The oldest educational establishment in the roll of best secondary schools in Kenya that has started its history since 1910. From the very beginning it was a mixed school where girls and boys studied together. But in 1931 pupils were separated and this establishment turned into public boarding school for girls only.

There are ten different houses in the school. Houses have prefects and matrons to head the house. To enforce proper discipline school has a certain code of behavior obligatory for students to follow.

There are many others good secondary schools and the enumeration of best secondary schools in Kenya can be continued of course. But these one are the establishments with the longest and glorious history and the best reputation.



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