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Top Ideas For Agribusiness In Kenya

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Top ideas for agribusiness in Kenya in 2018 vary from commodity agricultural farming of livestock to commercial vegetable farming business. These types of enterprise rely on professional farming or agricultural performance. In our country, a large quantity of agribusiness farming is a large-scale industry. Despite this, small, private farms are gaining more and more popularity and constantly develop.

Types of Agribusiness in Kenya

Professional Agribusiness Consulting Services
The need for professional agribusiness consulting services is raising day after day. If you are an experienced farmer, you can start your own consulting-business and help amateur farmers in agricultural produce.

Spices Farming
Unlike the main crops farming, spices farming would be always popular among consumers. Spices are added in almost all meals to make the taste even better. Try to grow coriander, chives, thyme, mint, tarragon or basil, and you will be able to earn a fortune each season. By designing a unique packaging, there is even a possibility to create a recognizable brand of spices farming in Kenya.farming-in-kenya

Poultry Farming
If you have enough place at your garden, you can start your own poultry farm. According to the professionals, poultry farms are one of the most successful types of farming and grow pretty fast. The fact that, red meat is losing popularity, because of it’s unhealthy impact on health, white bird meat will be an excellent replacement.

Fodder Fabrication
If there is a cattle-breeding farm in your region, or even small private household, your business on fodder fabrication will be a profitable investment. There are different kinds of fodder – hay and silage, seaweed, yeast extract, meat and bone meal, sprouted grains and legumes etc.

Fertilizer Distribution
Fertilizer distribution is a governmental duty, however for a small agribusines keepper it can be a real success with minimum expenses. If there are any remote farms in your region, you can provide them with fertilizers.

Horticulture Farming in Kenya
Horticulture farming in Kenya is one of the most popular types of farming in Kenya agriculture. Analyze the marketing demand in your region and start your business. It can be cabbage farming, carrots farming or any other kind of horticulture. Horticulture farmers will always be popular among consumers.

Worm Farms
Maybe not the most pleasant type of agribusiness, bu definitely a rear one. Worms are essential for increasing the fruitfulness of farm soils and fish farms. This rear kind of business, will provide you and your family with constant success and income.

Fish Farms
A very profitable business, especially in the coastal and lakeside parts of the country. If you decide to start a fish farm, choose nile perch, tilapia and catfish. These are a real “cash drops” for their owners. You will need a constant source of water, and a pond.


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