Top IEBC Officials to Be Fired

Some top IEBC officials will be fired barely a week after former CEO Ezra Chiloba was sacked.

Reports have surfaced claiming that over 25 staff allegedly embroiled in dubious expenditures amounting to Ksh4.6 billion during last year’s two elections.

The 25 were expected to explain their roles in the payments doubted in a contentious internal audit ordered by Chebukati in 2018.

The letters signed by acting CEO Marjan Hussein Marjan triggered perception that the predestination of some staff associated with Chiloba was sealed.

Chebukati stated that the internal audit report which was opposed by three commissioners who left was sent to the EACC and the DPP for further investigations.

“Those who were involved in inflating the cost of elections, whoever they are, whether they are staff, commissioners or even myself, they should be arrested,” Chebukati stated.

Among those issued with letters is Ann Njeri Nderitu, the manager for Electoral Training, who is now the acting Registrar of Political Parties.

The internal report had adversely implicated the directorates of supply chain management, finance, ICT, voter registration and election operations as well as legal and public affairs.

The ICT directorate was headed by James Muhati while Immaculate Kassait was responsible for voter registration and electoral operations.

According to a separate report by Auditor General Edward Ouko, the commission cannot account for up to Kshh9.2 billion for various contracts it awarded in ten months last year.


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