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The Touching Note TV Presenter, Janet Kanini Left Behind Before Death..

Janet Kanini Ikua has been hosting NTV’s N-Soko Property Show and she is a former NTV News Anchor while dabbling as the Pampers brand ambassador.

 She felt she has a responsibility to give back to Kenyans for standing up with her. She was then diagnosed with lung cancer stage four in 2015.

In February 2016, Mrs Ikua announced she was cancer free but unfortunately that wasn’t so


Her touching note before death was found and posted below..

One year ago my unexpected, shocking and intense medical journey begun.

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The casket with Janet's remains.

  One day I was hard at work, managing two jobs at NTV and Pampers diapers, and the next day I was hospitalized suddenly for fear of dropping dead, because of a blood clot found in my very swollen leg.
One day I was a Mum and Wife doing the usual running around to ensure my husband and children are healthy and happy and the next day I was looking up at a white, boring hospital ceiling, in fear of not getting back home to my babies who I hadn’t even said bye to because the doctor wanted me to start treatment immediately.
Little did I know that this Deep Vein Thrombosis wasn’t going to be the worst medical diagnosis I would get last year. If anything, I was irritated at having to be in hospital because I had never been admitted for anything other than natural childbirth. I believed I was fine! Eager to get back to my normal life.
Haaaa Shock on me as 2 months later I was back in hospital kwanza now in the High Dependency Unit with multiple blood clots in my heart and lungs, known as a pulmonary embolism that most victims discover too late, during a post mortem after they’ve already died.

So I tried to focus on how lucky I was to still be breathing, instead of thinking about how dangerous it was for me to literally even step away from my bed for fear of one of the clots suffocating me.
This is when I met some wonders in living…

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