Two Shot Dead In Soweto As Police Keep NASA Supporters Off Jacaranda



A fire lit by NASA supporters in protests nearJacaranda grounds, Nairobi, amid police efforts to prevent a NASA rally, November 28, 2017. /CORNELIUS MWAU


Two people were shot dead in Soweto on Tuesday as police manned Jacaranda grounds to prevent NASA’s memorial service.

A witness from The Star said the two were shot in the head.

Another person sustained a deep cut to the head during the incident that has resurrected claims of the presence of Mungiki militia.

“They fought with NASA supporters,” the witness said.

In nearby Donholm, a resident hid under his car when he saw police firing tear gas and gunshots to disperse NASA supporters.

Officers reacted this way to the presence of Opposition supporters near Jacaranda grounds, where a memorial service for those killed in election protests was to take place.

NASA, led by veteran Opposition chief Raila Odinga, wants to honour supporters killed during confrontations with police since the August 8 national election.

But Nairobi police commander warned that anyone going to the venue would have his- or herself to balem.

“The situation in Jacaranda and neighbouring areas is really bad,” the resident told The Star on Tuesday.

Ni kubaya huku Outering (Things are bad in Outering). Police are everywhere and people are burning tyres. It is really bad here. Nimelala chini ya gari (I slept under a car).”

“I can’t even receive texts because I don’t want to be exposed.”

Another resident said police tried to contain the situation but that it was worsening.

“Nilitoka nje ya nyumba kurecord video lakini nilirudi mbiyo niliposikia gunshots (I got out to record a video but returned quickly after hearing gunshots),” the woman said by phone.

“Wanazima bonfires lakini youths are lighting more (They are putting out the bonfires but youths are setting more).”

Youths burned tyres and barricaded roads as they engaged police in running battles in the vicinity.

Dark smoke was seen rising from one area as police confronted crowds.

In another part of the city, Jubilee Party Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto were sworn-in for their second terms in office after a prolonged election cycle.

The President and Ruto swore to protect and uphold the sovereignty, integrity and dignity of the people of Kenya.


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