Uhuru Is Being Blackmailed And Cannot Tackle Corruption – ODM MP

Alego Usonga MP, Sam Atandi, has said President Uhuru Kenyatta will not succeed in the war against graft because of his choice of political arrangement.

The MP observed only the president had all the power to ensure graft was brought to an end in the country but said the people Uhuru was working with had blackmailed him, making it impossible to overcome the rampant vice.

Appearing on Citizen TV Power Breakfast show on Friday, May 25, the ODM legislator said he had all the reasons to believe Uhuru’s commitment to overcome graft would not last and would not achieve much.

Atandi acknowledged the president had shown goodwill in the fight against the vice which had cost taxpayers billions of shillings but expressed worry his political allies were a stumbling block to his ambition to make Kenya a corruption free nation.

“The only man standing against corruption at the moment is the president. However, I am convinced he will not go far because he is being blackmailed by the political arrangement he got into,” explained Atandi.
The MP lamented that corruption had swept across all the government department and called for urgent radical actions against the vice.Uhuru-Kenyatta

According to Atandi, the National Youth Service (NYS) KSh 10 billion scam, KSh 1.9 billion scandal at National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) and the alleged KSh 647 million loss at the Kenya Pipeline Authority (KPA) were just a tip of the iceberg of the corruption status in Kenya.

“Though the recent scandals involve huge amounts of money, they are only but a few which have been unveiled and this gives us a reason to worry for the current and future generations,” said the MP.
The ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna on Friday, May 25, said Uhuru’s goodwill in the fight against graft was not enough and challenged him to deal with individuals close to him who had been implicated in different corruption scandals.

Speaking during a talk show on Radio Jambo monitored by Correspondent, Sifuna said Uhuru is the father of the nation and has full responsibility to fight corruption.

“We cannot absolve the president from the failure in the fight against corruption because he is the man in charge and has all it takes to win graft. He should fight the vice as furiously as he fought opposition supporters who demonstrated in protest against the 2017 general elections results,” Sifuna added.


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