Unhappy DJ Pierra Explains Why She Left Ebru TV

Deejay Pierra Makena has explained the unhappiness that led to her leaving Ebru TV where she has been co-hosting a talk show.

Makena on Thursday announced her decision to quit hosting Lets Talk show which interviewed celebrities and commented on showbiz news.

Hours after her announcement, correspondent sought to find out why Makena was unhappy.

“I do not want to talk about Ebru, they are my former employers and I respect them. It was just about my happiness, nothing more,” she said.

Makena added that she loves building and motivating people and was unhappy as she was not achieving that on the show.


“I am working on something that will help me build people, something that makes me happy and will let everyone know when I’m ready to publicize it,” Makena told Correspondent.

Asked if the decision was made alongside actress Brenda Wairimu who has also quit the show, Makena said, “It’s just a coincidence there was no decision between the two of us.”

The Lets Talk show was being hosted by the two alongside former Nairobi Diaries actress Elle Ciiru, and former Hot96 presenter Monique Angelyn Bett.

Brenda and Pierra have since been replaced by former Nairobi Diaries actress Dana De Grazia Katherine and vlogger Lydia K.M.


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