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Is United Nations Trying To Overthrow Kenyan Presidency And Introduce What They Did In US?

The UN Security Council has been tendered a request to intercede in the Kenyan case and help spare the nation from sliding into disorder.

This is so due to the unfurling political circumstance in Kenya because of the dissolution of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s triumph on the eighth of August by the Supreme Court and the consequent plans for rehash surveys.

In a letter routed to UN Secretary General, Antonios Guterres, in New York yesterday, African Human Rights Bureau noticed that the unfurling political exercises in Kenya are like those that went before the 2007/2008 post decision savagery and in that capacity ought to be tended to critically

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“If no serious political intervention is made now by the UN, then Kenya could slide into a grave political instability with attendant chaos, violence, mayhem and massive displacement and killings, thereby causing a humanitarian crisis,” said Dr, Dan Alila, the bureau’s special counsel. 
“It is necessary for the UN to urgently consider the Kenyan situation and consequently draw up a contingency rescue plan.” 
“And intervention by UN should logically lead to the setting up of a negotiated caretaker Government to exercise executive powers during the repeat Presidential elections,” he added.

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