Vera Sidika Finally Opens Up On Her Pregnancy Situation (Video)

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika has subjected her fans into a confusion mode after revealing the truth behind her pregnancy.

On April 1, the flamboyant Socialite took to her social media pages to share her pregnancy journey with her fans, stating that she was ready to be a mother.

Vera insisted that she was indeed pregnant, and that’s why she had taken sometime off social media to concentrate on her pregnancy and other projects.

The announcement got many of followers by surprise, as it is not easy for socialites in the 21 century to abandon the partying life and settle down.

In a video shared on her YouTube Channel, Vera has revealed on how she decided to prank her fans, with the pregnancy.

“To my fans and foes: You may have noticed my absence these past few months and I would like to share this news with you directly and put the rumors to rest, once and for all. Welcome to a new journey a new season in my life.” Reads the Caption on her Video

In the video Vera admits that her Pregnancy was a prank.

“I know you guys are going crazy because my pregnancy was a prank. The poster that I put up on April fools was a prank. It sounds crazy but I know, I has been off social media for so long, I know it very weird but sometimes its good to be off social media. Right now I am working on a big project and I decided to come back with distraction. I am sorry for those I have disappointed with my pregnancy prank.” said Vera in the Video



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