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Video : Checkout List Of Ethnic Groups In Kenya

tribes in kenya

In the whole Africa Kenyan people and there ethnic group are one of the best,this article will definitely shed more light on Kenya and their entire tribe.

Tribes in Kenya: Kenya‘s most important natural heritage is her people – they are skilled, educated, experienced and productive.

Kenyan People are the force behind Kenya’s vibranteconomy and they have spread to all parts of the world – East Africa, the rest of Africa, Europe and the Americas have felt the impact of Kenyans. They are inbusiness, academia, professions, entertainment andsport, among others.

Their diversity, traditions, customs and practices create a totality of the distinct people that are Kenyans. They work together compete and interact in many ways.

Kenya is multi- cultural, multi – national and multi – ethnic with many languages, religions and lifestyles. What is more?

Kenya is the only country in Africa with the three major linguistic groups – Bantu, Nilotes and Cushites.

Ethnic Groups in Kenya

For many Kenyans tribal ethnicity is the single most important part of their personal identity. Although the average Kenyan may outwardly have drifted away from tribal customs, the language he or she speaks (their “mother tongue”) is a mark of ethnic distinction. Many Kenyans also follow traditional practices, which manifest themselves in all kinds of ways, from the manner in which the festive roast goat is served, to the names they give their children.

Tribes in Kenya – Cultural Practices

Increasingly, the more contentious rituals, such as female genital mutilation, are largely outlawed, although circumcision still remains the main rite of passage for boys entering adulthood.

Tribes in Kenya and Politics

The advent of multiparty politics in 1992 put an end to much of the political tribalism that was so prevalent during the Kenyatta and Moi eras, both of whom tended to favor their own tribes economically. Nevertheless, Kenyan politics is still divided along tribal lines and will probably remain so for a few generations yet. Socially, however, overt demonstrations of tribalism are increasingly frowned upon, and the now fashionable code of “Corporate Social Responsibility”  insists that tribal links should have no bearing on the job market.

 Tribes in Kenya – Black and White

Racial discrimination based on the color of one’s skin is largely unknown. The average Kenyan is more than happy with the color of his skin and wouldn’t want it otherwise. Many find the pinkness and ungainly gait of white people slightly amusing. To describe someone as “black” is usual in Kenya. Indeed you’ll often hear people from, say, Western Kenya, being called “very black.” This is purely descriptive and recognizes the fact that the people around Lake Victoria are much darker than, say, their Kikuyu neighbors. “White” people are generally referred to as Wazungu, Asians (Indian and Pakistani) as Wahindi, and all other non-Kenyans as Wageni (guests), occasionally as “you people.” Despite the history of British colonization, the Kenyan attitude toward the British is generally benevolent; they are viewed as dependable, and as having contributed positively to national development. Old wounds regarding colonialism and the Mau Mau rebellion are rarely opened.

Tribes in Kenya - Ethnic Groups in Kenya

Tribes in Kenya – Ethnic Groups in Kenya

Tribes in Kenya – Ethnic Makeup

There are over 40 tribal groups distinguished by two major language groups: Bantu and Nilotic. The largest tribes of the Bantu are the Kikuyu, Meru, Gusii, Embu, Akamba, Luyha and Mijikenda. The largest tribes of the Nilotic are the Maasai, Turkana, Samburu, Pokot, Luo and Kalenjin. A third group made up of Cushitic speaking peoples includes the El-Molo, Somali, Rendille and Galla. The coastal region is the home of the Swahili people.

Kenyan Tribes – Here is a list of Ethnic Groups in Kenya

  1. Dahalo Tribe
  2. Digo Tribe
  3. Duruma Tribe
  4. Edo Tribe
  5. El Molo Tribe
  6. Embu Tribe
  7. Garreh-Ajuran Tribe
  8. Giryama Tribe
  9. Kalenjin Tribe
  10. Kamba Tribe
  11. Kikuyu Tribe
  12. Kisii Tribe
  13. Kuria Tribe
  14. Luhya Tribe
  15. Luo Tribe
  16. Masai Tribe
  17. Meru Tribe
  18. Mijikenda Tribe
  19. Ogiek Tribe
  20. Rendille Tribe
  21. Samburu Tribe
  22. Somali Tribe
  23. Swahili Tribe
  24. Taita Tribe
  25. Teso Tribe
  26. Tharaka Tribe
  27. Turkana Tribe
  28. Yaaku Tribe

Kenyan Tribes Video – Walking with the Maasai


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