This Video Of Njugush’s Oath-Taking Ceremony Will Crack You Up


Comedian Njugush has done it again.

With every serious thing that happens in Kenya trust that Njugush has his own version of the same thing. His version is usually hilarious and silly and if you catch feelings you clearly do not have a sense of humor. The funny man has turned the political seriousness into political humor and it will crack you up. Raila Odinga was sworn in on 30th January 2018 as the “People’s President” the event has already been twisted by Kenyans in many different ways but Njugush’s has taken the crown. In the video he also managed to make fun of the television and radio transmission shutdown that was experienced. He also makes fun of Kalonzo and says that he will not rely on watermelon again so he would rather eat an apple.

Here is the video:


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