Wafula Chebukati Not The Right Person To Lead The IEBC

Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Chairman Wafula Chebukati was not the right person to take over the polls agency.

Tukero ole Kina was the better option. However, some external forces were not sure if they would manipulate him. They thus made sure Kina doesn’t take up the IEBC job.

It is clear the electoral agency lost credibility following the 2017 General Election, and the repeat poll that followed. Its credibility is still in question, and it currently only has three commissioners after the other four resigned. They should now all go home so that there is total overhaul and restructuring. They completely have no integrity to show. Let us get get rid of all of them and put new people in those offices. We should have an electoral commission with third of the bosses being foreign. They have played a significant role in other senior positions in this country and delivered.

We also have many people who have integrity in this country. They can lead this commission as well as the country. However, it is sad that we have become a nation by its own nature corrupt and cannot be trusted. We can bring in new people to bring in confidence the commission and push for a change. People with integrity who can serve the commission effectively putting in mind the interests of the masses. Not the interests of a few people. Our society is incapable of running the institution at this moment. As we focus on the constitutional audit, we also want changes that will ensure the Constitution and commissions created serve Kenyans effectively.

We have lived here (Kenya) and we don’t want to look like we are lost. We have to do things right and build this great nation. But for now, we are sick as a nation.

It is good President Uhuru Kenyatta is building bridges and everyone is ready to work with him, so long as the purpose serves the interests of the nation. Now that there is no opposition, it is time to put the right people at the IEBC and save Kenya.

The former deputy speaker of the National Assembly said.


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