Wakiapisha Tunapisha Challenge To Honor Uhuru’s Inauguration Ceremony (Photos)

Trust Kenyans to create a clown factory out of serious presidential inauguration.

After the President and his deputy were sworn in at the packed Moi International Stadium in Kasarani, Kenyans decided to take it a hitch funnier.

Labelling it “Wakiapisha Tunapisha challenge”, the internet buzzed with hilarious photos.

Coined from opposition NASA’s “wakihesabu tunahesabu” statement during the general election, Kenyans did not disappoint in the challenge.

From children holding gourds as microphones and lifting sufurias in place of the bible that Uhuru Kenyatta lifted when he was sworn in for his second time, the challenge has it all.

To many it just did not lighten the mood but eased tension in country that has been left divided by election in the last few months.

The pictures tell a story of a country that is eager to satirize and perhaps ridicule any situation.

It will be remembered that a few weeks ago, Jimmy Wanjigi challenge took the internet by storm when Kenyans made fun out of the couple who had held each other rather intimately during a press conference.

But “ Wakiapisha Tunapisha challenge” just dropped from nowhere, and delivered these….


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