Want Healthy White Teeth? 6 Foods To Steer Clear Of

The best foods are either too sweet, which can facilitate the growth of harmful bacteria in your teeth, the rest are acidic which wears off the enamel.

Things like soda, coffee, tea, smoking etc. are the most notorious when it comes to staining teeth.

However, others coy culprits that we use daily are also responsible for staining teeth.

Here are 6 foods you should eat in moderation to keep your teeth white:

1. Soy sauce

Contains a ark brown or red pigment and has sticky substances that are likely to leave stains in your teeth.

2. Fruit juices

They are highly acidic and leave the enamel on your teeth more susceptible to staining.

3. Tomato sauce

Tomatoes are acidic and rich in colour.

4. Red wine

Like tea and coffee, red wine contains tannins that will stain your teeth. However, recent research shows that poplyphenols- found in wine- may actually be beneficial to your teeth as they help prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

5. Curry

The spice leaves teeth with a yellow or orange pigment.

6. Beetroot

The strong red pigment will stain your teeth.


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