Watch As Ex US President Barack Obama Dances To Sauti Sol’s Song At The State House

US President Barack Obama showed off his dancing skills at State House when he joined Kenya’s Afro- hip hop sensation Sauti Sol on the floor and got the routines to the pacey and award winning hit song Sura Yako. President Obama known for his dance moves, out did other guests when he was beckoned by the group leader Bien-Aimé Baraza to join in the dance.

“How do I dance it?” asked Mr Obama as he left his high table seat alongside President Uhuru Kenyatta. “It is simple, you do it like this,” answered the group vocalist as they took positions. “To the right to the left, to the left to the right, turn around, turn around,” continued the band leader as Obama, now joined by his sister Dr Auma Obama, first Lady Margaret Kenyatta and Ambassador Robert Godec as well as the rest of the band members.

And within a short time, President Obama seemed to have got all right and enjoying the moves. See also: How international media captured Obama’s grand visit One would think he had been dancing the benga genre moves all his life. “Piga densi kidogo, Piga densi kidogo, ” (Dance in small steps, dance in small steps ) went the song, and all enjoyed themselves as Obama did it with such a swag charming many. He must have taken the dancing rhythm from the father Barrack Obama Snr, who hails from the Luo community, known for their dancing culture and music prowess.

Many took out their smart phones to record the dancing, keen not to miss the momentous memorabilia. When the dance was done, there was a deafening applause from the guests

Watch Video Below


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