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Watch: We Are Impressed By How Well Japan’s Ambassador To Kenya Speaks Swahili

Japan’s ambassador to Kenya Toshitsugu Uesawa has a great mastery of Swahili.

He actually sounds like a more fluent and coherent version of Muhoho Kenyatta. But whereas Muhoho took time to pronounce even the simplest words, Toshitsugu whizzes past Swahili words with ease.

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A video of him reading his speech in Swahili was posted by Citizen TV and Kenyans are impressed. It’s always impressive when a foreigner takes time to learn the local language.

The ambassador was speaking during a function that saw the Japanese government invest billions into Kenya’s rice farming projects. At the end of his speech, he bowed and went to greet President Uhuru and DP Ruto who were visibly impressed.

Toshitsugu has a fire CV. He was previously Japan’s Ambassador to Nigeria. I am not sure if he knows Igbo too. Maybe he does. He also worked as a counselor in the Japanese Embassy in India.

Apart from that, he has also served as the ambassador in charge of Regional Economic Communities (RECs), Peace and Security in Africa and the ambassador for Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD)

Watch his impressive Swahili speech below:


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