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Watch As This Jubilee MP Was Disgraced Publicly By His Second Wife- Video

A Jubilee Party MP from western Kenya has become the laughing stock after a video clip of him having an altercation with his second wife emerged online yesterday.

In the clip, the lawmaker who cuts the image of a no-nonsense man in public was nearly overran by his furious spouse who was on the driver’s seat in his official car.

Though it is not yet clear what could have angered the honorable member’s wife, she drove off almost knocking down some of the locals immediately the MP stepped out of the car to dish out handouts to his people.

The scene was so embarrassing that some of the locals captured on the video clip are heard saying “hii ni aibu…huyu ni bibi yake kweli” (this is embarrassing…is this his wife really).

The drama woman is known for flaunting and broadcasting his activities on social media. Some of the MPs supporters are starting to be convinced that all their legislator exhibits is a false sense of braggadocio.


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