Waziri Chacha’s Look Alike In Deep Mess, Loses Fiance After Mistake Identity Issue

Samuel Wanjii went through hell when he was mistaken for Wazir Chacha – the randy man who smashed 13 women MPs. Wanjii’s photo which he posed with Murang’a Women Rep Sabina Chege was the genesis of his problems.

Wanjii, 22, was was a member of youth team that campaigned for Sabina Chege’s re-election in the last general election. The photo he posed with Chege was taken when taken after she was announced the winner.

To make matters worst, Wanjii had also posed with Millie Odhiambo in a separate photo. The two photos plus Cyprian Nyakundi’s statement convinced everyone that Samuel Wanjii was indeed Chacha. That was before the real Chacha was arrested.

“From the family holding a meeting to press me to confess and get saved again, my fellow church members staring at me during the Sunday service. My family and relatives condemned me, telling me that I had embarrassed the family who is God fearing and that I needed to confess that I’m obsessed with sleeping with older women in exchange of money… My friends and former classmates mocked me and asked me to part with the money from MPs,” said Wanjii,” Samuel Wanjii narrated his ordeal in an interview with Nation.

Samuel Wanjii further reveals that his fiancée still refuses to talked to him even after the real Wazir Chacha was unmasked. The 22 year old says he is considering suing Nyakundi for his tribulations.

“This issue has claimed my fiancée who even after the arrest of Mr. Chacha has not responded to my text messages and calls,” said Samuel Wanjii.


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